Dinnertime can be a little tricky.

Our little lady is quite particular.

Sometimes the struggle of getting her to eat enough is real.

Our little guy, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

In his case, we have to put limits on the servings, or he may never stop eating!

So when his food is dwindling, after at least a second helping, his eyes begin wandering toward her plate. 

This of course, takes some monitoring on our part. 

So when it’s down to her last piece of quesadilla, it goes without saying although he’s already three tacos in, he’s eyeing it.

After clear directions from an exhausted mom and dad on who is to eat what and plenty of bickering, that last piece of quesadilla was handed off before we could get another word. 

And just as quickly as the handoff took place, the entire quesadilla was shoved in his mouth. 

And just like that, the battle was over.

We took our loss and ate in silence for the next minute or so, trying so hard not to let my laughter out.

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