A Little Bribery

Nobody wants to go to the doctor.

Do they?

Some avoid going at all costs.

Others go regularly, right on schedule.

We all have our own comfort levels.

Although my daughter’s level is nowhere near comfortable.

I can’t really blame her though.

When you’re little, there seem to be shots every time.

Or uncomfortable checkups…

There is usually some screaming involved.

And some holding down…

So this time I prepared in advance.

This was nothing that a little bribery and preparation couldn’t take care of.

A very nervous little girl….

A little cake…

A cozy, plush seal…

And something new to change into after the dreaded exam.

Put it all together and what do you get?

One successful doctor’s visit!

One thought on “A Little Bribery

  1. Her little eyes peering up at you! 🥰 But yay to a bribery win! That and you’re definitely speaking my love languages(s)- food, clothes, and cuddles!


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