What a relief it is to finally be getting a little return to normalcy.

So many kids are back in school.

Movie theaters are reopening.

Children are playing in parks…now that they are all open!

So many businesses have reopened, which means people are getting back to work.

Thank goodness!

But with that return, also comes the commute.

No more working from home…

Time to get in that car, fill up the the tank and get driving!

This of course, brings the masses back to the streets.

Back to the expressway…

Back to the traffic lights…

Back to traffic.

How surreal it was driving down empty streets.

But alas, traffic is back.

Despite the general contempt that the majority of us have for a congested road, we’ll take it.

We’ll take the good and the bad together, if it means that life is finally getting back to normal.

Whatever that is…

Chicago drivers lose 138 hours a year to traffic backups, third worst in  nation: report - Chicago Tribune

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