Just a Little Frazzled

Oh those Monday mornings.

They’re always there, right on time.

They never really miss a beat.

Those mornings, when we’re always running out the door, regardless of what time we get ourselves up and moving.  

Yet somehow, despite how prepared we try to be, we are always thrown for a loop.

This morning, of course, did not disappoint. 

Everyone had freshly washed school uniforms laid out, ready to go.

As one could likely imagine, uniforms tend to simplify the morning process.

No choices, no arguments, decisions are already made.

Almost out the door on time!

We’re doing so well for a Monday!

Until we realize that it’s out of uniform day.

Of course it is.

Today is that one special day that they get to choose their own outfits.

So we start all over again…

FYE: Library Craziness | Mora Fetterolf

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