Good Morning

Saturday morning.

No work.

No school.

No plans.

No obligation to wake up early.

No alarm clock.

Just a free morning, a chance to sleep in.

A chance to catch up on some overdue rest.

Unless you have children…

These little people that find it near impossible to wake up for school operate quite differently on the weekend.

The tables seem to turn on the weekend.

Being a day off, we do not wake them and make them force those little eyes open. We do not interrupt their sleep or ask anything of them first thing in the morning.

No, it’s their turn on the weekend.

Their turn to wake us up well before we’re ready.

Their turn to put an end to our night’s rest.

Their turn to make us pull the blankets up over our eyes, attempting to delay the start of the day as long as possible.

I always find it amazing how easily they wake up with the sunrise on weekends, a task that just does not seem possible on weekdays.

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