Morning Halls

I hear the faintest sound of a voice in the distant, almost inaudible.  You can hear footsteps in the distance, but see no one there. The hum of the heat overhead is constantly present.  It´s so quiet and peaceful at the moment, you could hear a pen drop.

This will all change in less than a minute.

The almost silent halls will soon be filled with laughter and the sound of friends greeting one another. Some voices will be filled with excitement, while others will reflect the dread of beginning another day.  Some will enter in silence, while others will rush in to eagerly start the day.  Either way, chaos will ensue. 

Teachers will almost instantly emerge from all corners of the building to greet students. Materials in hand and smiles on their faces,  they are ready to begin a new day as well. Behind the scenes, they have been preparing for the moment to come.

And with the ring of a bell, silence turns into the excitement and roar of the beginning of a new school day. 

7 thoughts on “Morning Halls

  1. As much as I enjoyed quiet hallways in the morning or late afternoon, they never seemed quite real to me. I’ve always felt hallways need the life of kids in them.


  2. This is very much like our school at the beginning of the day. Full of excitement for new learning. I cherish the quiet noise of the heat in my room before the kids arrive. The variety of noises throughout the day is invigorating! 🙂


  3. I love the thought of being able to pay attention to the stillness for a moment in the morning before the students have arrived. I have taught for many years, but I don’t think I have ever consciously attempted to do this. I always feel so frazzled and rushed in the morning reading emails and taking care of whatever needs to be done! Upon reflection, this isn’t really a healthy way to start the day.


    1. I never really thought about it like that. It definitely is a healthy way to start the day. It´s not the easiest to do though, as we are all so busy preparing in the morning!


  4. Claire, this is so great! This is written so perfectly, totally captures the moment. I would use this as a mentor text for a Slice of Life with students – it’s so well done. I love the image of the teachers emerging from the shadows and how they’ve been behind the scenes the whole time, getting ready for the day.

    This was such a pleasure to read.


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