Day 31, Appreciation

Oh Spring Break, I always have such high hopes for you!

I am definitely thankful for you. I anxiously anticipate your arrival and truly appreciate your existence. And I know I’m not the only only one!

Yet I can’t help but find myself disappointed this year.

Wet, rainy snow certainly was not in our plans. Wet, rainy snow is a bit of a predicament in trying to keep energetic little ones busy and happy. Wet, rainy snow makes spring break outdoor, fresh air plans quite tricky.

Yes, we are disappointed. But what to do with that disappointment? Let it get the best of our day? Take over the break that we have been so looking forward to? This is definitely an option.

But I try to look at the bigger picture. I try to appreciate the time for what it is. Free time with my kids. A break from our normal routine. I appreciate that we are together. Regardless of where we are, what we’re doing, or how wet and snowy it is, we are together. And that, I appreciate.

Day 30, Slow Down

Everyone always tells you how quickly it goes it goes with kiddos. When you’re pregnant, over and over again..

“Enjoy them while they’re little, it goes so quickly!”

“Blink and they’re grown.”

It’s near impossible to wrap your head around though, until you have the physical marker of babies turning into kids turning into big kids turning into…

So as we immerse ourselves into a day at the water park, I quickly notice that we’ve breezed right by the little kid area. Just like that, everyone is too big. They don’t even want to step foot in the “baby” section. Like being little is contagious.

Maybe I should step in.

Here I am feeling like like we’ve just wrapped our heads around the whole water park game, and we’ve already completed a whole level. The little kid section is now over for us.

So as I stand on the edge of the pool, accepting that my kids are now big kids, I watch my daughter jump in. On her own, she swims over to big brother.

I watch anxiously from the side.

She makes her way to the middle of the pool, full of pride and courage. And that’s her first swim across the pool without mom in the water.

Needless to say, I am bursting with so many emotions, I’m not sure where to start.

Day 29, Magic?

The first day of a new month.

It’s funny how our attention shifts with children. We go to a show, or any outing, not only to see what’s being presented, but also to see our children. Every outing becomes a new experience seen through their eyes.

So as the curtain draws open, I’m conflicted where to look. The magic is straight ahead. We’re in for a show. We’ve purchased our tickets, front row seats at that! The music is so loud you can feel it beating in through your chair and all around.

The lights. The lights are so intense. So intense they’re almost too much. My daughter clings to me, full of excitement and fear. Mostly excitement, but she’s definitely scared. Plenty of fear and uncertainty to go around.

My son, on the other hand, certainly has not absorbed any of her angst. He’s on the edge of his seat, ready to go. He’s well ahead of me. Already laser focused on the magic show to come. Ready to solve this magician’s tricks end expose his secrets. Will he? Or will he witness some true magic?

We will see. He will see. I will have to first figure out where to focus my attention. My fearful little lady? My intrigued young man? Or this magician we came so far see?

Day 27, Refresh

A very brisk, fresh breath.

A slightly piercing cold morning breeze.

Pure air.

Fresh air.

Reviving air.

Bright blue skies.

Full sun radiating through the windows.

Warmth and rejuvenation streams through the crisp, cold air.

Despite the cold, we can feel the warmth and fulfillment the day ahead promises.

A step away from everyday life refreshes us as we take time to appreciate our surroundings.

Day 26, Just a Moment

They say a moment of patience can save thousands of moments of anger.  Staying patient can ward off disaster. So much can be prevented if we’re just able to stop and remain calm. I would imagine we’re all on the same page. We can appreciate the value of patience.

Why then, is it so difficult to hang on to our patience sometimes? We know that just staying quiet, or breathing calmly will most likely avoid any problems. Just breathe and let the annoyances pass. Try to maintain perspective. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Don’t react. Don’t take it personally. Don’t assume anything, ever.

So much great advice. It is easy to give advice. It is easy to agree with advice and to understand its value. Again, something else that most of us can agree on. Why then is it so difficult to just remain calm and patient? To take another’s advice with an open mind?

I have no answers. But patience I do have, at least I try to.

Day 25, We Made it!

So much energy!

So much excitement!

Go, go, go!

Push on through!

We’re almost there.

We can do it.

So very close!

The usual Friday afternoon chaos is always full of excitement.

Excitement for the weekend, excitement for a break, excitement just because.

Now, add in Spring break.

Add Spring break to the Friday afternoon chaos and excitement.

And that’s where we are.

Chaos on the one hand. Excitement on the other.

As the day trudges on, the chaos slowly becomes pure excitement.

And we are excited! We made it!!

Day 24, Miss You!

Oh sweet sunshine,
How I miss you!
Your bright rays,
Your blanket of warmth,
You warm my body.
And my heart.
You shine so bright,
I may hide my eyes when appear,
But don’t be mistaken.
I do love you so!
I miss you when you’re gone.
And you’ve been gone quite a while.
Your return is long overdue.
Why do you hide from us?
Why so gray?
Do  you miss us as we miss you?
I sure hope you do!

Day 23, Noooo!

Rushing out of the house as usual, I give my daughter her seventeenth hug and do a last minute pop into my son’s room. He’s still sound asleep, but it’s time to get up. And I can’t leave without saying goodbye. I run in for just a quick kiss on the forehead.

But before I’m even able to slip out of his room, I’m interrupted with a piercing scream from my daughter.


Oh my! What’s happened? I can tell from the tone (and extreme loudness) that there’s no danger or injury. She’s definitely angry though. And letting everyone know it.

He’s gonna steal my wave! He’s gonna steal wave! Jackson, noooooo!!! Momma, noooooo!!!! Yesterday he STOLE MY WAVE!!!

Now I am well aware of the importance of our morning wave. She plasters her face against the window with the most pained expression possible and we wave goodbye as I pull out of the driveway. Yes, I know I truly important this is to beginning her day.

What I did not know, however, was that a wave could be stolen. I did not realize that when I also waved goodbye to Jackson yesterday he was actually robbing her of that wave. A theft that seriously set off the rest of the morning.

Despite the absurdity, her concern is real. I will not let her brother steal her wave today.

He does get his own though. Believe it or not, there are plenty to go around.

Day 22, Shhh….

Don’t breathe.

Don’t make a noise.

We’re up to a few minutes here.

No one’s talking.

No one’s bouncing.

No pencils tapping.

No whispers between the tables.

No outbursts.

No distractions.

We’ve made it a few more minutes!

The sweet, sweet silence of a normally rambunctious classroom.

Day 21, So Close

A glance through the window and it’s clear. It is clear from the first look outside that Spring is here.

Sun’s out. Spring has arrived!

And with Spring, comes Spring Break! A break we all so desperately need. A break that cannot come fast enough. A break that is so sought after that we sometimes feel like it might not be real.

Is really coming? Is it truly on the horizon? Or is it just something we dreamed up to keep us going?

It is real. It is coming. We are in need, and we will truly appreciate this break. We will take each day in stride and remain calm as we await this overly anticipated little break from our work reality. It may not be here yet, but there is rest and reprieve in the future. In our very near future.

So in the meantime, we smile and push through. We try to maintain structure and normalcy as much as possible. We keep our days busy and everyone involved.

So close.

Yet so far away.